Shelby SuperCars To Build Hybrid Motorhome

Shelby SuperCars, makers of the “World’s Fastest Supercar” the Ultimate Aero, is diversifying its lineup quite a bit. After announcing earlier this year that they would be unveiling the world’s “fastest EV” this summer, SSC is hoping to market more than just outrageously fast (and expensive) supercars.

It seems they want to get into the hybrid motorhome market and plan to offer an RV with an all-electric range of 150 miles. They also have ambitious plans of providing over a quarter of the engines needed to meet Obama’s goal of a million plug-in electric cars by 2015.

Ok, that was a bit much to take in at once, so lets slow down and disseminate this piece by piece.

Shelby SuperCars took top spot as maker of the fastest car in the world when they took their 1287 horsepower Ultimate Aero to an official average top speed of 256 mph. Take that, Bugatti!

Then they claimed that this summer they would be releasing the Ultimate Aero EV, the world’s fastest electric supercar. After making some pretty outrageous claims like a 10 minute, full recharge from a 110 volt source after fast lapping around a race track, Shelby backpedaled on the EV and nary a word has been heard about it since. But their plans have not been entirely watered down.

Now they have announced a partnership with coach makers Jones and Sons Chassis. Their plan is to make a hybrid motorhome with a 150 mile all-electric range and a total hybrid range of 500 miles. Cross the country in just six stops? Sounds good to me.

SSC wants the battery pack to be recharged on the go as well, and a full charge should come from a 220 volt charger already offered at most campsites. A motorhome also makes a lot of sense for an electric vehicle, because it would allow for a much larger battery pack and controlling systems (although a lot more weight to move as well).

As for their plans to produce over 250,000 electric motors, SSC has made some pretty substantial claims but has provided little proof.  Call the All-Electric Scalable Powertrain (AESP for short), they say that their 175 pound electric motor fits in less than a cubic foot, and produces the equivalent of up to 500 horsepower in single motor form, or 1,000 horsepower in dual motor form. Sounds great on paper, but I’d like to see a little more proof. Of course, SSC could always put me at the top of the list for a test drive in the Ultimate Aero EV…

But you have to admire their ambition either way. Turn the page for the full press release.

Source: Shelby SuperCars

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