ShakEnergy: A New Kind Of Recharable Battery


This past weekend while I was at the Syracuse Nationals auto show, my digital camera chewed through my extended-life rechargeable batteries. More than once I found myself without enough energy to get that last, important shot. The recharger I used took 3 hours to recharge them as well, so if I hadn’t have had eight of the batteries I would have been poop outta luck.

But a new idea for rechargable batteries might change all that. Need some power? Just shake your battery and it recharges itself! Or at least that is the concept behind the ShakEnergy from Mintpass.

Alright so here is the skinny on this ShakEnergy battery. It uses a spring-loaded coil-magnet to produce energy when shaken vigorously, and comes in AA flavor That is all there really is to it. The battery has about half the charge of a normal nickel metal hydrate battery, and can be recharged in a normal charger.

But say you’re out taking pictures on a long hike and your camera dies? No extra batteries? No problem. Take it out and shake vigorously. For how long, they don’t say, but I imagine a full charge would take a few minutes at least. You can also pat yourself on the back for not sucking up any energy from an outlet as well.

The picture really explains it all. Good idea, although when it hits shelves they don’t say. At the very least it makes sense to me. Might this lead to further battery developments for electric cars and other devices? Maaaaybe….

Source: mintpass via envirogadget

Christopher DeMorro

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