Fiat and Tata Will Sell the Ultra-Cheap Nano in South America


The Tata Nano has been making a splash recently as one of the world’s cheapest and most fuel efficient cars marketed towards developing economies where cars are generally considered a luxury. Now Fiat and Tata have announced plans to market the car in South America.

Behind Italy, Brazil is already Fiat’s second largest market so it only makes sense that Fiat would want to grab more market share in the ultra low-end category.

Fiat and Tata have been getting closer over the past months, announcing joint ventures in vehicle and engine production. Fiat, of course, is also now in a tight alliance with Chrysler after the US auto maker emerged from bankruptcy.

In reference to Fiat and Tata’s burgeoning relationship, Ratan Tata was quoted in an Automotive News Europe post as saying “We have various projects, to take the Nano to Latin America together, to share platforms for new cars, we have projects for (Fiat van and heavy truck unit) Iveco and also for us to sell Ferrari and Maserati here in India.”

The Nano is currently being sold for around $2,000 USD in India and its production for the next two years is sold out. The car also recently passed European safety standards and will start being sold there in 2011.

Source: Automotive News Europe

Image Credit: Tata Motors

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