Reva to Build World’s Largest Electric Car Factory in India


The Reva Electric Car Company has announced plans to build the world’s largest factory for cheap all-electric cars, capable of a massive annual output of 30,000 units.

The Bangalore, India-based company hopes that after the Rs300m ($6.1m) facility begins production in the first quarter of next year, it will help to introduce green energy to the subcontinent’s rapidly growing automotive industry.

The Reva, a small hatchback powered by eight six-volt batteries, retails for a mega-competitive Rs350,000 in India and £7,500 ($12,200) in the UK, (where it is marketed under the G-Wiz brand), far less than most rival companies.

Speaking about the plan, Chetan Maini, Reva’s deputy chairman and chief technology officer said, “We are promoting a technology that holds the key to the global energy crisis.”

Surpisingly, even though India has emerged as a center for low-cost automotive engineering in recent years, the Reva will represent the sub-continent’s first attempt at commercial mass production of a eco-car.

The Reva features a 2+2 seat configuration and torque-heavy three-phase AC induction motor that produces rapid acceleration. The lead acid battery version can travel up to 80 kms on a single charge, whilst a li-ion powered version raises the range by 50% to 120 kms.

Referring to increased public-sector enthusiasm for EVs, Mr Maini told reporters, “For the first time, we are seeing heightened environment awareness. President Obama and governments in Europe are offering different subsidies.”

Image Credit – dbking on flickr

Andrew Williams

is a writer and freelance journalist specialising in sustainability and green issues. He lives in Cardiff, Wales.