Nissan-Renault Planning up to Four Battery Plants in Europe


As the Nissan-Renault Alliance works feverishly towards the goal of launching an entire lineup of electric cars in the next few years, they have begun to set their sights on the nitty gritty of supplying parts for the endeavor. And when you’re talking about Nissan’s electric cars, the most important part that comes to mind is, of course, the advanced lithium-ion battery.

Last month Nissan announced they would start production of their batteries in Japan this year and has plans to open a US battery plant in Tennessee. One of Nissan’s most important goals is to localize battery production to the various markets thay plan on selling their electric cars in. Nissan plans to release it’s first mass market electric vehicle in many markets around the world including the US, Portugal, Denmark, Israel, and Japan by the end of 2010/early 2011.

According to Automotive News Europe (subs req’d), Colin Dodge, Nissan’s executive vice president for the Africa, Middle East, India and Europe region, said the company wants to produce its 250kg lithium-ion battery packs close to the vehicle assembly sites, but he also remarked that the cost of transport isn’t as large of a factor as might be imagined saying, “the logistics cost of transport will actually be pretty low when compared with the long-term cost and depreciation of the battery.”

What this would seem to suggest is that those countries/states that succesfully woo Nissan to build cars there may also win out as the sites for battery production as well.

Source: Automotive News Europe (subs req’d)

Image Credit: Nick Chambers

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