Vancouver May Require Condos to Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


In its self proclaimed quest to become “the world’s greenest city” Vancouver is considering adopting legislation that would require any new multi-family dwellings (condos) to have electric vehicle charging stations. Should this pass, Vancouver would be the first city in Canada to have such a policy. Vancouver already requires one and two dwelling homes to have plug-in infrastructure.

In a city press release issued yesterday, Mayor Gregor Robertson commented, “Electric vehicles are being increasingly adopted around the world, and we need to be leaders in supporting them.”

Robertson also noted, “Making our city friendly for electric vehicle infrastrucure is a major step towards becoming the world’s greenest city.”

In a story posted by Autobloggreen, Vancouver would require that 10 percent of the stalls in the buildings would need to have a 240V charging port. This would add less than .5 percent to the cost of the building. But local EV advocates are criticizing the lack of charging stations this would provide. “If you’re building a building to last 50 years, it’s ridiculous to put in only enough plugs to last you five,” John Stonier of the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association said.

The city council will also vote on a recommendation to pilot a number of public electric vehicle charging locations at city owned parking lots followed by a roll-out our on-street charging stations.

In the states, last week, Coulomb Technologies made several announcements regarding cities that will be installing their ChargePoint Charging stations and Exxon Mobile Chemical recently announced they have entered into an electric car testing program with Electrovaya and the Maryland Science Center. With the pace of EV infrastructure development in the U.S. Vancouver may have a ways to go to win the title of “world’s greenest city”.

Joanna Schroeder

Joanna is a writer and consultant specializing in renewable energy and sustainable agriculture issues.