Voice-Controlled Electric Car Can Be Summoned by Phone


Picture the scene – the sun is shining and the idea comes into your head that it might be quite nice to go for a scenic drive through the countryside. You dial a number on your mobile phone and within seconds a car appears outside your house.

You climb in, recline the seat back as far as it’ll go and quietly whisper ‘drive.’ Then, as the car glides smoothly along, you pour yourself a long cold drink and admire the scenery, occasionally barking out the odd instruction like “left at the lights,” “faster,” or “turn the MP3 up.”

Sounds like a nice dream? Well, if Dutch-US design team Mike and Maaike have their way that dream could one day be within the reach of every driver.

The duo have created an all-electric concept vehicle, known as the ATNMBL, (short for ‘Autonomobile’) that could revolutionize the way we interact with our cars, by controlling them with our voices (more pics after the jump).

The car,  would be summoned by phone and allow you to control the vehicle via a set of simple voice commands. Because it would not require you to actually drive, the team have billed the ATNMBL as a car that would enable passengers to drink, read its flat screen display, or simply relax and watch the scenery pass by through its large, panoramic windows.

According to the designers, “Research revealed that self-driving cars, once a fantasy requiring an entirely new infrastructure, are now technologically possible, even inevitable. Savvy robotics are here and real. Advances in GPS, sophisticated sensors, and navigation databases will allow driverless vehicles to operate on the same roads we have today.”

So sit back, pour yourself a cool (non-alcoholic) mojito and glide into the driverless future…

Image Credit – core77

Andrew Williams

is a writer and freelance journalist specialising in sustainability and green issues. He lives in Cardiff, Wales.