Ford Engineer Builds 125 MPG 3-Wheeler, Puts It On Ebay


A Ford Motor Company engineer has built a 3-wheel motorbike capable of getting 125 mpg. 

The fuel economy expert crafted the vehicle at his home shop in Belleville, MI. It’s a street legal, two-passenger, 3-wheel motorbike that is made from aircraft materials. Oh, and it is capable of a top speed of over 100 mph.

John told EcoModder that “After working [on] improving conventional production car/truck fuel economy I wanted to try something with fewer constraints.”

I guess the Ford Escape Hybrid wasn’t cutting it. 

He says the vehicle gets about 105 mpg when taken out on the highway, but that “when equipped with the pictured motorcycle tires (not included) and a smaller rear sprocket it achieved 125 mpg.”

According to the Ebay auction, where the bike’s listed for $15,600, the “motorbike” has the following specs:

  • The engine is a 250cc liquid cooled, four stroke, DOHC 2 cylinder with a six speed transmission.
  • It weighs just 505 lbs with a .16 coefficient of drag.
  • It has 4 point seat belts, roll bar and front mounted IMPAXX crash foam as now used in NASCAR
  • The front turn signals are integrated into the rear view mirrors for aerodynamics.
  • Front headlight is a projector HID, the rest are LEDs.

Hopefully whoever buys it doesn’t have a police record.

John explained about one run in with the cops, “Four squad cars showed up, several houses of neighbors came out and the whole thing turned into a spectacle. No ticket, everyone was genuinely interested in ecomodding!”

I hope the motorbike eventually sells as his next project will be a plug-in hybrid. 

Source [EcoModder]

Jerry James Stone

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