Brammo Plans to Build Brand Around Enertia Electric Bike

Enertia Motorcycle

Motorcycles are probably the softest challenge for anyone considering electric propulsion. Most bikers don’t stray too far from home, bikes are by nature lightweight, and unless you’re talking about a pumped-up crotch rocket, they don’t need to go stupid fast. The real challenge lies in marketing a bike with limited range and top speed with a high price tag, as battery technology still has a way to go in terms of affordability. But to that end Brammo, who soon plans to release the Enertia electric motorcycle to the market, has been beefing up their brand-building and marketing team by adding veteran players to their company.

Their new Director of Marketing is John Farris, who was GM’s Brand Marketing Director for the Chevy Silverado pickup truck and founder of Hardcard Holdings, a marketing consultancy who has worked with Toyota, Harley Davidson, and Red Bull among others.

Adrian Stewart joins Brammo as Director of Channel Devolopment and will help the brand grow globally. His experience with IBM and other high-tech firms will help the brand expand as the Enertia gains footing in the increasingly-crowded electric bike market.

Last but not least is Robert Gerson who will be the new Electrical Engineering Manager, a 2-and-4 wheel vehicle enthusiast who helped bring the Vectrix Maxiscooter to the electric vehicle market early in the game. His experience with iRobot and Brooks Automation, among others, will bring more experience to the Brammo team as they rev up the Enertia, which will be sold at big-box electronics supplier Best Buy.

The 45-mile range bike is both sharp-looking and silent, and can reach 30 mph in under 4 seconds. Not superbike speed, but fast enough for most people looking to kick the petrol habit. Coupled with state-of-the-art battery technology and this new marketing team, the Enertia looks to be a strong contender in this new and exciting market.

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Christopher DeMorro

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