Should Saab get a version of the Volt?

The world is a bit out of funk for GM right now, and the reality is no pundit or politican or executive really knows where the world’s former manufacturing heavyweight will be even a year from now. The General has some interesting projects in the works, not least among them the plug-in electric Volt which could be a pariah or prophet (pun!) for the ailing automaker.

Earlier this year GM unvieled the Cadillac Converj concept which would be a luxury version of the Volt, and that apparently got some people thinking; what else could be built on the Volt platform? Why not a Saab for instance?

Well car design student Mayeul Walser came up with an eye-catching Saab concept for the Volt platform. The 2+2 coupe looks like it belongs in Blade Runner or some equally futuristic sci-fi fantasy. This would certainly help Saab break the boring mold they’ve been stuck in for the past two decades and breathe some excitement back into a brand “born from jets.”

Walser designed the Saab, which he calls the Fashionista, to have a hybrid electric-petrol motor with a theoretical output of 300 horsepower. According to Mayeul’s website, the design was inspired by sharpness, elegance, and modernity for 2012. I hope that includes a turbocharger, which helped Saab build their brand for the longest time. I just hope Saab manages to stick around, as my bland-looking 900 turbo is still one of my favorite cars I’ve own (and a lifesaver too!)

Check out Carscoop for more high res images or head over to Mayeuls website for the original pics.

Christopher DeMorro

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