Epic Drag Race Fail: Electric Skateboard Vs Battery-Powered Dune Buggy


As we’ve reported over the last few weeks, sometimes electric-powered drag racing can break boundaries in exciting new ways. The electric motorbike that rockets from 0-60mph in under a second, and a 1972 Datsun that just happens to be the world’s (second) fastest elecric car spring to mind.

Sometimes though, EV face-offs on the drag track are just well…daft. Check out this hilarious footage of the recent Alternative Fuel Race 2009 in the UK featuring electric skateboards and battery-powered dune buggies.

They might not be fast, but boy are they funny. As the reporter says, this is racing for boys who got picked last for the school football team. I don’t care what he says though, after years of reporting on corporate strategies and sleek EV marketing schemes, its kinda comforting to see normal people mashing-up alternative-fuel vehicles for fun and laughter.

Via – ITNextreme

Andrew Williams

is a writer and freelance journalist specialising in sustainability and green issues. He lives in Cardiff, Wales.