Mission One Electric Motorcycle Races to Prove Itself on the International Stage

Back in February, Gas2.0 editor Nick Chambers introduced readers to the Mission One, built by San Francisco startup Mission Motors. The Mission One debuted at this year’s TED conference in San Diego, and is the brainchild of Mission Motors founder Forrest North.

Billed as the world’s fastest production electric motorcycle, the Mission One will have an opportunity to prove its mettle on the Isle of Man this June when professsional rider Tom Montano will pilot the bike at TTGXP, the world’s first emission-free Grand Prix.

Gettin’ your full bandwith torque on

The mission of the Mission One is to demonstrate that high performance, innovative design, and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. In other words, green can scream. The 150mph bike delivers full torque across the entire power band. You might want to hang on.

To be sure, this is not your urban, cross-town scooter designed to get you efficiently to work. It’s the kind of machine that, if you you have to ask, you can’t afford. But much like the Tesla electric roadster (where North used to work), the idea is to prove the concept and establish a foundation upon which future development in clean transportation technology can grow.

Proving the concept will take one more step forward this June on the Isle of Man when the Mission One competes with other clean-tech high-performance machines for around the world. The race is the inaugural event for the company’s Motorsports program, with racer Montano taking the lead:

“We are proud to have such an accomplished rider on board for our racing debut. Tom’s racing experience and history at the TT coupled with our innovations in electric propulsion will be a winning combination for the team,” said  North. “This is a great opportunity to show the world that you can build a zero emissions sportbike without sacrificing power and top performance.”


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Image credit: RideMission.com

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