Tazzari Zero Affordable Electric Car Available in US in 2010


Italian car company Tazzari has announced plans to launch its Tazzari Zero all-electric vehicle in the North American market next year.

The all-electric 2 door super mini (video) weighs in at a tiny 542 kilograms (around 1,200 lbs), leaving it capable of achieving 100 km/h (62 mph) in a nimble 5 seconds, with a top speed of 80 km/h (50mph) (more pics after the jump).

The car is powered by a Lithium-Iron battery pack that can be recharged via a standard mains outlet in a snail-paced 9 hours (although an optional Multifast charger enables a 6 hour full recharge or 80% charge in just 50 minutes), which will enable journeys of up to 140 kilometers (87 miles). The Zero also boasts four driving modes, including “Race,” for a “race-like” (although I’m not sure how race-like you can get at 50mph!), “Rain,” unsurprisingly for wet conditions, “Standard” for daily use and “Economy” to boost mileage per charge.

Tazzari will showcase the Zero at the Bologna International Motor Show in December in Europe.  There is no news yet on a US price tag, but in Europe the Zero will cost just under 20,000 Euros ($27,000), which I have to admit sounds affordable, but perhaps not very competitive when compared with forthcoming rival offerings.

Author Update – Since 0-100 km/h (or 0-60mph) is the ’standard’ measure of acceleration I can only imagine that Tazzari have released a ‘hypothetical’ 0-60 mph time to give an indication of the levels of torque and acceleration experienced by drivers on their way to the (admittedly quite slow) top speed.

Image Credits – paultan

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