EVA Announces 2WD Diesel Motorcycle – Next Stop: Baja!

Despite the latest advancements in automotive hybrid and flex-fuel technologies, motorcycles and scooters remain one of the most efficient ways for energy-conscious commuters to get around town.  Unfortunately, there haven’t been any real “alt fuel” options open to motorcyclists.  As such, despite the incredible efficiency of some 2-wheelers (my own Honda Ruckus gets over 100 mpg), motorcycles remain petroleum-dependent gas addicts.  They may be sippers – rather than guzzlers – but still.

Enter Europe’s EVA, manufacturers of the Track T800CDI diesel motorcycle – a bike so full of exotic features and new technology that I’m almost at a loss for words … almost.

Specs and pictures of this amazing machine available after the jump.

EVA’s Track T800 is an “adventure-touring” class motorcycle powered by a remarkably compact 800cc, turbocharged diesel engine, the Track T800 will be among the world’s first commercially available diesel motorcycles.  The 800cc engine delivers a respectable 50 hp and a WHOPPING 95 lb-ft (130 Nm) of torque available from 1800-4000 rpm.  Torque like that is enough to melt the rear tire off of any motorcycle, and certainly more than enough to provide T800 riders with a “smiles per gallon” figure matching the bike’s impressive 2.5l/100km efficiency (almost 100 mpg!).

While the fuel economy of the Track makes it an excellent choice for energy-conscious riders looking for a long-distance, go-anywhere type of motorcycle, its ability to run the T800 on bio-diesel really sets it apart from its petrol-dependent cousins … but that isn’t the only thing the T800 has on its adventure touring “competitors”.

The Track T800 features the same kind of easy “twist n’ go” transmission found on many rental scooters, making the bike feel more accessible to novice riders while, at the same time, allowing expert riders to pay more attention to the road ahead, and less attention to what gear they’re in.  In addition, the Track T800 takes the “adventure touring” class of motorcycles to new levels by being the first motorcycle in its class to offer two-wheel drive (2WD).

The EVA’s innovative 2WD system offers the same benefits of automotive 4WD and all-wheel drive systems:  more stability, more traction, and more control.  The result is a vehicle that is able to handle loose tarmac, gravel, and dirt roads with a greater degree of confidence than a comparable rear-wheel drive vehicle … which means, basically, that the Track T800 will go up sand dunes and dirt mounds that other bikes would get stuck in.

Unless you’re riding a billy goat, there isn’t a more sure-footed vehicle available, anywhere … and therein lies the great tragedy in all this:  EVA has yet to announce a North American importer.

SO, to any brave men and women out there who might be interested in bringing these bikes into the US:  I promise, there IS a market for a 100 mpg, bio-fueled, torque-raving-mad 2WD triumph of 2-wheeled technology on these shores.  The bikes certainly look the part, so just bring them, and the buyers will come.

Image Credits:  EVA Products BV

Note:  since the writing of this post, and contrary to the company’s December press release, EVA has apparently ditched the option for 2WD. Too bad …

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