Mainstream Media “Discovers” Algae Biofuel, and it’s a Good Chuckle [Video]

If you’ve been a reader of Gas 2.0 for any length of time, you’ll know that we’ve been reporting on algae biofuel for, well, that entire length of time. Yet, seeing as the blogosphere is apparently full of nothing but pathetic liars (thank you Ms. Palin), I’m sure you’ve been on the seat of your pants wondering when the shining beacon of television news would truly validate algae’s potential.


Fear not intrepid reader, seems that the MSM has finally discovered algae too. During a recent installment of their “Energy Fix” segment, CNN has latched on to algae biofuel as the next big thing in renewable energy. Regardless of the laughability of the anchors, the segment is actually worth watching if for no other reason than to get a close up look at OriginOil’s Helix Bioreactors.

Besides, you know it’s gonna be good when the segment is hosted by an anchor named Poppy Harlow. Video after the jump…

Image Credits: OriginOil Logo from OriginOil, Algae photo from Spigoo’s Flickr library under Creative Commons

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