VW Launches New Fuel-Efficient and Low-Emission Brand, BlueMotionTechnologies


Volkswagen’s launched a new brand: BlueMotionTechnologies.

It houses all of Volkswagen’s best eco-friendly tech. It currently includes a new start-stop system, regenerative braking, SCR catalytic converter and the NOx storage catalytic converter.

BlueMotionTechnologies is aimed at bringing fuel-efficient and low-emission systems to market without skimping on the fahrvergnügen. Yah, I had to dust that one off…sorry.

If you’re thinking that BlueMotion isn’t all that new, you’re right. Back in 2006 VDub introduced the Polo BlueMotion, and in 2007 they unveiled a Passat flavored one.

But unlike the Polo and the Passat, the concept behind the newly branded BlueMotionTechnologies is not limited to diesel engines. In fact, it won’t be defined by a single set of technologies at all; it will evolve.

Alongside the BlueMotionTech launch, VW has also announced a new set of “principles for the sustainable development and production of its models.” These new tenets are:

  • Reducing the fuel consumption of its vehicles and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Resource efficiency and resource conservation: recyclability and the use of renewable and secondary raw materials. Moreover, alternative powertrain technologies will be developed and the use of alternative fuels and other energy storage systems.
  • Health protection: focus is on exhaust emissions and interior emissions as well as reducing exterior and interior noise levels.

VW is kicking off the new brand with three different versions of its Passat:

Passat BlueMotion:

Here a common rail TDI (81 kW/110 PS) provides for 4.9 liter fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of just 128 g/km. The Passat BlueMotion has a Start-Stop system and conforms to limits of the Euro-5 emissions standard. Its range of over 1,400 kilometers on one tank of fuel is a minor sensation – travelers starting out in Berlin will not be looking for a gas station until shortly before Rome. Naturally, the Passat BlueMotion will also be available as a wagon.

Passat BlueTDI:

Its 105-kW diesel is ahead of its times; that is because Volkswagen is introducing the first TDI to conform to limits of the Euro-6 emissions standard that does not take effect until 2014. Aboard the Passat BlueTDI, a SCR catalytic converter reduces nitrogen oxides to less than 80 mg/km. Fuel economy of the sedan shifted by a 6-speed gearbox: 5.2 liter/100-km (CO2 emissions: 137 g/km). Further options: the “BlueTDI” will also be available as a wagon, and it will be available with a 6-speed DSG.

Passat TSI EcoFuel:

The Passat TSI EcoFuel is ushering in a new era of cars powered by natural gas. Until now, one of the drawbacks of cars powered by natural gas is that their performance can be rather unexciting. Thanks to its 110 kW strong high-tech engine, the Passat TSI EcoFuel combines a maximum speed of 210 km/h with excellent fuel economy and finally puts an end to these limitations. The car accelerates to 100 km/h in just 9.7 seconds. Despite its great agility, the world’s first turbocharged and supercharged direct-injection engine configured for natural gas operation is satisfied with just 4.4 kilograms of natural gas, which is about € 4.25 per 100 kilometers. With a 7-speed DSG, the Passat breaks the magic CO2 limit of 120 g/km in this class (6-speed transmission: 4.5 kg/100-km and 123 g/km CO2). If the natural gas on board should run low before the next fill-up station, the engine controller switches over to gasoline mode. The car has a total range of more than 900 kilometers.

And on the heels of these three new Passats, VDub is also previewing its Touareg hybrid:

Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid:

Because the future of the automobile – and BlueMotionTechnologies as well – offers more than just one answer, in parallel Volkswagen is presenting a prototype of the future Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid (333 PS / under 9.0 l/100 km). This car will enter production in 2010 as the world’s first hybrid SUV to have 3.5 metric ton towing capacity. Volkswagen is introducing one of the highest performance parallel hybrid systems in the world in this SUV. The German carmaker is utilizing a high-tech alliance of a V6 TSI (245 kW) boosted by supercharger and an electric motor (38 kW). Up to a speed of 50 km/h, the Touareg V6 TSI Hybrid can be driven by just the electric motor. In this case, no emissions are generated.

Photos: worldcarfans.com

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