SSC Back Pedal on World’s Fastest EV (Now Almost Believable)


Last week, I reported on Shelby Super Cars (SSCs) plan to release what will become the world’s fastest electric car, the Ultimate Aero EV.

Since then, the company has been subject to intense speculation that some of it’s claims about the EVs performance were, how can I put this, a trifle over ambitious. In fact, a growing majority of critics have publicly ridiculed Shelby’s claim that the Aero’s battery will feature a 10 minute re-charge capability via a 110v outlet, saying that it simply defies the laws of the known universe.

In the face of a mass muttering and rolling of eyes, (whatever that looks like), SSC has executed a swift U-turn and revised its earlier announcement. In a hastily published press release, Shelby first downgraded its claims to a more feasible 220v service. The company then back-pedalled even further, and removed all references to the voltage source.

In advance of the upcoming superspeedway demonstration of the Ultimate Aero EV, it remains to be seen whether SSC’s volte-face will severely damage the company’s credibility, or simply ramp up the hype another notch.

Image Credit – Shelby Super Cars


Andrew Williams

is a writer and freelance journalist specialising in sustainability and green issues. He lives in Cardiff, Wales.