Toyota Subsidiary To Make Hybrid Trucks That Save 2.5 Times as Much Gas as Conventional Trucks

The Nikkei Newspaper has reported that Hino Motors, Ltd., a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation will introduce a significantly improved fuel efficient hybrid truck in Japan, the U.S. and Australia around 2010.


The new hybrid truck, using a high-capacity battery and improved motor, will be 2.5 times more fuel efficient than conventional models. In fact, the new hybrid truck even doubles the fuel economy compared to Hino’s current hybrid truck models (pictured above). Hino introduced its first light-duty hybrid trucks in 2003 and medium-duty hybrid trucks in 2004.

The new hybrid truck will be expected to sell about 500,000 yen (US $5,534 ) higher than conventional models. To minimize the cost, Hino will share some parts developed by Toyota for various hybrid models such as the popular Prius.

Hino Motors, Ltd. is the leading heavy- and medium-duty truck manufacturer in Japan. Hino is the fastest growing truck manufacturer in the United States, and the the 3rd largest truck manufacturer in the world.

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Image Credit: Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association

Source: Nikkei Newspaper (subscription required)

Tetsuya Yokoyama

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