Rendered: Fisker Karma Sunset Convertible Electric Car


Henrik Fisker and his California-based Fisker Coachbuild company have been in the news a lot lately, promoting their upcoming Karma extended-range hybrid electric sports-sedan.  Recently, Fisker released a detail “teaser” shot of their upcoming Karma Sunset roadster – but freelance design firm KORS shows us what the whole thing might look like using their best guess.

Commissioned by the offbeat, automotive news site Jalopnik to speculate on what the finished Karma Sunset roadster would look like, the independent KORSdesign studio created the rendered image shown above, which seems like a natural fit in Fisker’s existing line-up of Karma hybrid sedan and AMG-based Tramonto convertible (pretty much the opposite of a hybrid).

Simply: it looks right.

You should expect the car to be officially called the Fisker Karma S Sunset, and to feature the same plug-in lithium-ion batteries (supposedly good for 50 miles of fuel-free driving).  The 2.0 liter turbocharged GM Ecotec gas engine (think Chevy Cobalt SS) will turn the generators and should allow for some extended range (insiders have told me the goal is 300 miles, similar to what is expected from the upcoming Chevy Volt, which uses a version of the same Ecotec gas engine).

One more fun fact: this will very probably be the first extended-range plug-in hybrid convertible from a US automaker that will be available for public sale (the Tesla is a pure EV).

Image credit: original artwork from KORSdesign.

Jo Borrás

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