Build Your Own “Mr. Fusion” and Power Your Car With Trash. Now, Where Did I Put That Flux Capacitor?

If you spent any time as a child in the 80’s, you probably spent a more than a few afternoons longing for your own flying DeLorean, hover-board, and Marty McFly Nikes.

Unfortunately, you still can’t have any of those things (although the Nikes did appear on eBay, briefly, and sold for $1300 US), but maybe you can have something better:  a real, honest-to-goodness Mr. Fusion!

The “Mr. Fusion” reactor mounted to the back of Back to the Future’s famous DeLorean hovercar produced the car’s fuel by extracting chemical energy from common household garbage.  While the 1985 movie version of Mr. Fusion put out enough power to juice the good Doctor Brown’s flux capacitor all the way to the year 2015, the 2008 version will probably only get a few miles down the road.


That said, the latest generation of bio-fuel generating “gasifiers” is being highlighted over at the DIY site Instructables, which features a working unit installed in a late-80’s Honda Accord.

Despite NOT producing the 1.21 gigawatts of power needed to take you back to the days of Max Headroom and fresh episodes of the Golden Girls,  these gasifiers have a huge advantage over the fictional movie version being, you know – REAL!

Watch this video to see their modified Honda Accord in action:

The instructables site has directions on how to build the gasifier yourself. If you can find a link to a commercially available, plug-and-play unit, be sure to post that in the comments.

Image Credit: ffg’s photostream under a creative commons license.

Jo Borrás

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