Nissan and Honda will Mass-Produce Lithium Ion Batteries Soon

The Nikkei newspaper has reported that Nissan is planning to invest a total of ¥100 billion (about $1.1 billion US) or more to manufacture lithium ion batteries.

Nissan EV01


Nissan has accelerated its plan to produce large-capacity lithium ion batteries for around 200,000 vehicles. The company is working with NEC group and plans to set up factories in Japan, Europe, and the United States. Honda is also planning on producing up to 500,000 lithium ion batteries for hybrid vehicles by mid-2010.

This is very good news considering the current global economic meltdown and the state of the automobile industry.

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Honda Insight Concept - Side A

Source: Nikkei Newspaper (in Japanese)

Image Credits: Tetsuya Yokoyama / M. Koguchi

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