Lipo Biodiesel Doctor Violated CA Law and Fled the Country

Dr. Bittner flees the country for violating state law making biodiesel from lipo fat[social_buttons]

Last week, Nick told you about the plastic surgeon who discovered he could use the fat from liposuctions to fuel his two SUVs.  He’s not the first person to use human fat for biodiesel, as Team Earthrace used the captain’s liposuctioned fat to beat the world record for circumventing the Earth powered by biodiesel.

Now, the Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Craig Alan Bittner is being investigated by the California’s public health department for violating state law that  forbids the use of human medical waste to power vehicles, which I think is a strange law to be on the books.

Powering SUVs with human fat is just the tip of the iceberg for the plastic surgeon’s legal troubles.  Dr. Bittner has been accused by three of his patients of removing more fat than was necessary during liposuction that led to the patients’ disfigurement.  Did he do so to make more biodiesel for his SUVs? In addition, lawsuits have been filed alleging that his assistant and girlfriend performed surgeries without a medical license.  The state medical board has not made any official statements on the case.

Dr. Bittner is suspected to have fled the country to do volunteer work in South America. On his website, he writes:

My journey has been an amazing one. I began my medical career volunteering in a rural clinic outside Bogata, Columbia that did not have enough equipment and was cursed with only sporadic electricity.After 10 years in practice, I have treated over 40,000 patients, including almost 7000 liposculpture patients. I am proud to be able to tell you that the record of my liposculpture practice has been impeccable; not one single serious complication or infection. Liposculpture is truly my passion and I have been extremely fortunate, however after 10 years of private practice, I am going back to South America to volunteer with a small clinic that is very similar to where my medical career began decades ago, where I can help those most in need.

I wonder if he is volunteering at a clinic to make biodiesel from lipo fat in the Southern Hemisphere?  Are there laws down there about using human fat to power vehicles?


Jennifer Lance

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