A Year of Reddit: Gas 2.0’s Ten Most Redd Stories of 2008

Editor’s note: This week we’re serving up the first ever year end best-of Gas 2.0 series with our most Dugg, most up-voted reddit, most Stumbled, and most viewed stories of 2008. As a special bonus, we’ll finish off the week by handing out the first ever (yet sure to be highly coveted) Gas 2.0 Post of the Year Award.


Ah, reddit. In many ways the cute little bugger is the forgotten genius brother to Digg, and, no matter how hard he tries, his smartness can’t seem to shine above Digg’s trophy-winning varsity jock prowess (if you hung out in the periodical room in high school, you know what I mean). But perhaps this is for the best, because what we’re left with is what civil commentary can look like on the internet when it’s dominated by graduate students, scientists, know-it-alls, and the generally reserved.

And as it turns out, all of those folks enjoy reading Gas 2.0. So, without further adieu:

Gas 2.0’s Ten Most Redd Stories of 2008

10. Startup Converting Ford F-150s Into 41 MPG Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

9. America’s Addiction Fuels Desire For Coffee Ground Biodiesel

8. American Ingenuity Leads to Biodiesel Breakthrough

7. California Building 220 MPH High-Speed Train from San Francisco to LA

6. Nissan Stealthily on Track for Electric Car World Domination

5. Are Tiny, Gas-Saving Cars Unsafe? Today Mine Saved My Life

4. “150 MPG” Hybrid SUV Company Claims it is Being “Muzzled”

3. An Air Car You Could See in 2009: ZPM’s 106 MPG Compressed-Air Hybrid

2. 59 MPG Toyota iQ is Coming To the U.S. As a Scion!

1. UPS is First in Delivery Industry to Test Hydraulic Hybrid Vehicles: 50% Better Fuel Economy and 40% Lower Emissions

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