Honda’s Plans Include Electric Motorcycles and Diesel Cars

Honda Green Machine - SmallIn a just-announced revised product development plan, Honda says they will concentrate on hybrid and compact vehicles.

Honda will start selling the 2009 Insight in Japan this Spring with a price targeted under 2,000,000 yen ($22,325). Honda has previously announced the new Insight will go on sale in the US at a price starting under $18,500.

Additionally, a new sporty hybrid based on the CR-Z concept will be introduced in 2010, and Honda is considering mid- and large-size models in the hybrid line up.

Honda also will develop a small diesel engine and plans on introducing an electric motorcycle two years from now.

Given the current severe economic situation, Honda recently decided to withdraw from Formula One, to cut temporary staff by 450 in Japan, and to postpone opening a new plant. Honda also discontinued the further development of a V10 supercar, a successor to NSX.

Honda Insight Concept Side Pic

You can find out more about these developments from Honda’s Press Info here (in Japanese, Sorry).

Image Credit: All pictures are taken by Tetsuya Yokoyama

Tetsuya Yokoyama

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