Child’s Letter to Santa: Give the Planet Gas-Free Cars

Editor’s Note: Jennifer Lance is the Editor over at Eco Child’s Play, another blog in the Green Options Network. Her daughter’s letter was originally posted over there and I thought readers here might find it as cool as I did.


From my daughter’s very first Christmas, we’ve told her the truth about Santa. Regardless of what you think about this personal decision, it has posed some interesting situations. For instance, our county has only one weekly newspaper, and that newspaper has a tradition of printing letters to Santa.

So, when this time of year comes around, my daughter’s school has the children write letters to Santa as an assignment, and I have to prep my daughter not to tell other children what she knows about Jolly Saint Nick. I worry that I’ll eventually have to make her stop writing letters, but this year she surprised me.  Here’s the text of her letter:

Dear Santa,

First of all I have some things I want, so may I please have a Chincoteague pony. Then I would like a Japanese marbling kit. For my brother, I would like a ride-on backhoe trailer. For the planet, I would like people to drive cars that run off something that is not gasoline.

Your friend,


I wonder how many other children will be asking Santa for gas-free cars? Perhaps we have a future Gas 2.0 writer in our home? If only the CEOs of Chrysler, GM and Ford had as much foresight as my seven-year-old daughter.

Image Credit: Norwegian Buddy Electric Car photo courtesy of aslakr‘s Flickr photostream. Used under a Creative Commons License.

Jennifer Lance

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