Submit Your Questions for Honda’s Chief Engineer About Hybrid Cars

Honda Insight Concept

I will have the opportunity to interview Honda Chief Engineer Mr. Yoshio Yamamoto this Saturday. If you have any questions about Honda’s hybrid cars, post them below!

I met Mr. Yamamoto today while visiting the Honda booth at the Eco-Products 2008 Exhibition. Displayed was the new Honda Insight concept, which is close to the production model. I loved driving my 2000 Honda Insight and am excited about the next generation. Mr. Yamamoto and Assistant Product Manager Mr. Hatano were happy to hear from a former first generation Insight owner.

I agree with Nick Chambers that the new Insight Concept resembles the Prius, but I also thought that the second generation Prius was similar to the first generation Insight.

Insight Concept Back

Mr. Yamamoto agreed to an interview this Saturday. He is the Chief Engineer and is greatly involved with the development of Honda hybrids. He is willing to explain general hybrid technologies and development, but won’t be able to divulge specific details.

So, if you have any questions or requests, please let me know by posting below this article. I plan on asking him about the CRZ hybrid and letting him know that I want a FR compact hybrid coupe. I’ll bring your questions along as well. I will check here again around noon PST on the 12th.

Tetsuya Yokoyama

Originally from Kanazawa, Japan, Tetsuya graduated with honors and distinction in major from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Environmental Studies, and also completed a Global Operations Management certification program at the University of California, Irvine. He loves biking and playing soccer, and very interested in all kinds of green products and services. He used to drive his beloved hybrid car, Honda Insight in Southern California. Tetsuya currently writes about green matters from Tokyo, Japan. He hopes to make our planet a little more human and environmentally friendly place by spreading and sharing green stories.