Knight Rider’s KITT is a Hydrogen Electric Hybrid

[social_buttons]The latest installment of Knight Rider was greened up for NBC’s Green is Universal week. The eco-friendly run involves select NBC shows — like the current version of Knight Rider — getting a fresh coat of green paint. Low VOC, of course!

But like any highly advertised greenwashing campaign, there are always two sides it – a KITT side and a KARR side, if you will. Yes, buzzwords like composting and carbon-footprint were interjected into the show’s overly tepid dialogue. Focus is put on recycling, and the huge carbon deficit of the KITT cave is of concern (cue the Law & Order Dun Dun sound…oh wait, wrong show).

It’s all very predictable.

All of this builds up to KITT’s top secret propulsion system — how green is KITT? In the 80’s incarnation KITT used liquid hydrogen in a turbine engine that got 100 MPG. In this updated version, KITT is a combination hydrogen electric hybrid.

Of course, we are introduced to all these features in KITT 2.0, which is a 2010 Ford Mustang.

As much as I want to bag on this greenwashing, I cannot. Knight Rider, the 80’s David Hasselhoff version, inspired me. It was that show that took me from wanting to be a Mechanical Engineer to a career in computers. And it didn’t stop there. I spent eight years of my career involved in classified government work.  I know it’s cheesy, but only because it’s true.

That’s my two cents. Well, and that Val Kilmer’s voice as KITT is like an aural enema. Please make him stop!

Photo: NBC

Jerry James Stone

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