With Podesta Running Obama's Transition, Energy Clearly Tops

John Podesta is no stranger to politics. He was the Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton from 1998 to 2001 and he’s held countless positions as advisers to various other politicians. He’s also currently the President and CEO of the D.C. think tank, the Center for American Progress, which, just over a month ago, published the report “Green Recovery: A New Program to Create Good Jobs and Start Building a Low-Carbon Economy.


It’s no coincidence, then, that Barack Obama has already tapped Podesta as the leader of his transition team to get a head start on getting this country back on track. And with Podesta’s appointment, it should be blaringly apparent that a Green Recovery — a Green Deal, if you will — is going to be the keystone of Obama’s plan.

In fact, Obama has already stated this in countless speeches, but his appointment of Podesta backs up his words with substance.

What does this mean for the future of transportation?

As my fellow gas 2.0 writer, Adam Shake, just pointed out today, back in March Obama clearly indicated that he thinks corn ethanol is a stop-gap — a “non-optimal” source of biofuel that serves as a way to transition into second generation biofuels such as “celluline.

So, we’ll likely see heavy investment in second generation biofuels with a focus on transitioning away from corn-based ethanol. It also means we’ll likely see tax credits for biofuels and biofuel-powered vehicles.

In addition, according to the Center for American Progress’ Green Recovery report, developing a smart energy grid is laid out as one of the cornerstones of bringing our infrastructure into the 21st century. This has implications for fully electric cars, hybrid-electrics, plug-in hybrid electrics, and the funding of research into new battery technologies and other energy storage mediums.

And last, but not least, we’re sure to see our decrepit and embarrassing mass transit and freight rail system get a complete overhaul. As another of the cornerstones laid out in the Green Recovery report, this is absolutely necessary to be able to compete in the world of the future — not to mention that there are millions of Americans who would gladly replace their daily car commute with some peaceful time on a high speed commuter train surfing the internet listening to music.

On a personal note, Obama’s presidency surely means that this blog and all other green energy blogs out there have, overnight, become all that much more relevant. I truly hope that you continue to return here for your future transportation fix as we move into what I think will become one of the most transformational periods of US history.

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