Alternative Fuel Car Explodes in Fiery Ball After Driver Lights Up


A London manager for an energy saving company has found himself the recipient of some incredible luck after walking away from his converted Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Peugeot that had, moments before, exploded. The incident occurred while he was driving at 30 miles per hour after lighting a cigarette.

As a manager for a company that deals in providing energy savings solutions to their customers, Peter Tidbury thought it made perfect sense to purchase a Peugeot 607 that had been converted to LPG. From an article in the Daily Mail, Mr. Tidbury had this to say:

“I changed to LPG because it is a lot cheaper and as well as money saving is a lot greener than petrol. I work in the energy saving field and we all have to be more environmentally conscious these days.”

He had just filled up on LPG at a local gas station and was told that there would be a funny smell after filling up, so he though nothing of the fumes. He rolled down the window to air out the smell, and then closed it. A bit later he rolled down the window again to light a cigarette and that’s when the explosion occurred.

In his own words from the Daily Mail:

“I was doing about 30 mph and as I lit the cigarette there was an almighty explosion. The windows went out, the bonnet went up and the boot went up just as you see in the Hollywood movies.”

“I was belted in and braked sharply. I can’t remember this but I was told that I was directing traffic around the car whilst my suit jacket was still smoking.”

“For me it is miraculous. It was not my day to die. I firmly believe that the hand of God was on me that day.”

The cause of the accident is purely speculation at this point, but it seems that the leading theory is that a leak somewhere in the line between the LPG tank and the filler cap allowed the gas to seep into his cabin.

Mr. Tidbury says that he won’t buy an LPG car again, but would consider riding in one as a passenger. He has his current sights set on a larger BMW diesel car as a replacement.

Apparently, the accident has set Peter Tidbury on a healthier path too. He says, “My immediate thought after the accident was also to quit smoking. I’ve tried before but have now set myself a target to quit by Christmas.”

Source & Image Credit: Daily Mail Online

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