Live Online Debate Today: The Auto Industry Bailout

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The US auto industry’s woes are well known — we’ve covered them here at Gas 2.0 many times — but are these companies deserving of taxpayer money for a government bailout, or should they be left to deal with a mess that they mostly created?

This is the question that will be debated live on today at 3 PM EDT (19:00 Greenwich Mean Time).

The panel of debaters includes:

Dan Mitchell, senior fellow at the Cato Institute and a free-market economist who argues that economic forces not special interest deal-making (subsidies and handouts) should determine whether industries succeed or fail.

David Cole, chairman of the Center for Automotive Research, who is in favor of government intervention.

Maryann Keller, independent consultant and author of Rude Awakening: The Rise, Fall and Struggle for Recovery at General Motors.

It’s a topic I feel many of our readers are interested in and hope that you’ll head on over to National Public Radio’s website to share your valuable opinions and get, hopefully, a balanced view of the situation.

When: Today, October 29, 2008, 3 PM Eastern Daylight Time (19:00 Greenwich Mean Time)

Where: live on


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