2010 Toyota Prius Pics: True Leak or Deliberate Viral?


Alleged pictures of the 2010 Toyota Prius were posted on an online forum called PriusChat yesterday. Since then, there has been much debate about whether they’re real or a photoshop job. The general consensus is that some of the pics are probably real and some are fake.

I don’t tend to lend credence to leaked marketing-grade photos, but these particular ones are so good it’s difficult for me to discount them.

Photo doctoring aside, one of the most intriguing claims is that Toyota is purposely leaking 2010 Prius pics in the hope they will subsequently go viral. Adam Vaughan of smartplanet claims that Toyota UK told him they have been “seeding blogs” with “corners and details” of the next gen Prius.

That kind of marketing strategy is pretty off-putting to me because it seems so disengenuous. It would be one thing if Toyota was taking full credit for the leaks, but to try and play it off like it’s some inside job and it was done covertly in the hopes of starting a viral campaign just makes me mad.

I honestly hope Toyota isn’t going this route.

Anyway, in what will probably be derided as hypocritical, I’ve decided to repost the images here — ’cause you never know, they might really be accurate. And, if Toyota is truly behind these “leaks,” that’s the attitude they’re banking on.


Nick Chambers

Not your traditional car guy.