59 MPG Toyota iQ is Coming To the U.S. As a Scion!

Just yesterday I wrote about what I dubbed as “perhaps the ultimate city car,” the 59 MPG Toyota iQ 4-seater. I also bemoaned Toyota for releasing it in Europe but not in the US.

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Well, turns out Toyota is bringing the iQ to the US under the Scion badge. Motor Trend, without citing sources, is claiming that the Scion-branded iQ will be shown to the public at the upcoming LA Auto Show next month.

No word on a release date yet, but I’ll be able to bring you more details on the iQ and many other upcoming car releases, both fuel-efficient and alternative, when I visit the LA Auto Show from November 17-20th.

So, keep your eyes tuned to Gas 2.0 for LA Auto Show news that’s related to the cars you care about.

Source: Motor Trend (Via Wired)

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