Audi to Launch Small Affordable Electric Cars

German car-maker Audi has confirmed that it plans to launch a small electric city car, most likely based on the VW Up! concept (pictured).

Speaking at last weeks Paris Motor Show, Audi management board member, Peter Schwarzenbauer, said, “we will offer a pure electric car.” He also revealed that the electric Audi “will not be based on the A1,” the firm’s premium supermini.

Instead, the car is likely to be based on the VW Up!, to be branded the Lupo when it goes into production. The basic platform for the Lupo is to be shared across the whole Volkswagen Audi Group, with brands including VW, Audi and Seat.

There is no news yet on a planned release date. However, since the announcement was made in response to rumours that rival manufacturer Mini is planning to launch an electric version of the Mini Cooper at the LA Motor Show in November, it is probable that Audi will join the majority of other big car industry players and release its first all-electric model around 2010.

Image Credit – Volkswagen

Andrew Williams

is a writer and freelance journalist specialising in sustainability and green issues. He lives in Cardiff, Wales.