Chrysler to Sell Electric Cars in U.S. as Early as 2010

Chrysler has announced that it is working on an electric powered version of its Voyager MPV, which could be put into commercial production as early as 2010. The model will most likely be based on the ecoVoyager concept (pictured), first seen at this years Detroit Motor Show. Details are limited at this stage, but it seems that the zero-emission car will have a 300-mile range – pretty impressive for an MPV capable of carrying an entire family and their luggage.

The company has already stated its intentions not to be left behind the competition when it comes to green and fuel efficient vehicle technologies. The electric MPV is the first in a series of three possible production electric cars that will be viewed by dealers later this month, with the one that’s best received going into production first.

As if this news wasn’t exciting enough, ENVI, Chrysler’s eco-technologies division, is also finalising a rival to the Chevrolet Volt, slated for commercial release in 2012. The car will feature a small gasoline engine for topping-up the batteries when they fall below 40% charge.

The plans indicate that Chrysler is raising its game as we move into a new era of intense competition over the market for ultra low-emissions and fuel efficient cars. In helping to meet this challenge, the firm will also be hoping that a proposed $25 billion U.S. government loan, to it and rival ‘big three’ companies Ford and GM, is given the green light.

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Image Credit – Autoblog

Andrew Williams

is a writer and freelance journalist specialising in sustainability and green issues. He lives in Cardiff, Wales.