GM (Officially) Unveils the Chevy Volt

After several unofficial debuts of the ravenously anticipated Volt — including sightings on the set of Transformers 2 and an accidental leak of photos last week showing the Volt design team — GM has officially taken the wraps off the final Volt production car.


No word on pricing yet, but unofficial estimates have ranged from $30,000 to $48,000. Sounds to me like GM is pushing the price estimates as high as possible to make the final price sound like a deal when they actually announce it.

According to reports, and aside from the central Prius-like LCD display, the Volt is decidedly un-high tech on the inside. Apparently, GM made this design choice on purpose to appeal to the largest market as possible.

During the change from concept car to production model, some of the more provocative lines and styling have been lost. This development appears to have disappointed many of the early fans — some of whom say they’re no longer interested in owning a Volt. A CNN article quotes Lyle Dennis of as saying:

“The majority of [the comments on my blog] are negative. A lot of people are saying they’re very disappointed and ‘take me off the [waiting] list.’ “

Nonetheless, as the first production plug-in hybrid electric vehicle to reach the mass market, the Volt represents a huge development. Time will tell if GM’s styling choices help to sell more of them, or push disillusioned buyers away.

Update: More detailed pictures below.

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Image Credits: GM

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