New VW Golf BlueMotion Gets 74 MPG and 99g/KM: On Sale Mid-2009

[social_buttons] Earlier this week, Volkswagen unveiled its Golf Mark VI BlueMotion concept car, which looks set to raise the bar on the fuel efficiency and emissions performance of ‘mainstream’ cars. At just 99g/km, the new hatchback emits exactly the same amount of CO2 as the much smaller Polo BlueMotion. It also undercuts current main rival, the Ford Focus ECOnetic by 16g/km.

A new hyper-efficient 1.6 TDI diesel engine also means that the latest offering boasts fuel economy of 74.3mpg (combined), an improvement of around 20% on the Mark V, while still enabling acceleration from 0-60 mph in 11.2 seconds, apparently due to improved aerodynamics and a new ‘sporty’ gearbox.

Although officially still a concept vehicle, the flagship Golf Mark VI looks set to be available at the start of next year, with the frugal BlueMotion hitting the showrooms in mid-2009. No news yet on whether it’ll be available in the U.S., although the widespread availablility of other VW clean diesel models means it’s more than likely, especially since potenial buyers would probably also qualify for a $1,300 Federal Income Tax Credit.

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Image Credit – Autoexpress

Andrew Williams

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