“Producible” Chrysler Plug-In Hybrid: 0-60 in 4 Seconds

Apparently, Chrysler has been demonstrating plug-in hybrids to select dealers around the US that have “at least” a 300 mile range and can go from 0-60 in “less than” 4 seconds. According to the LA Times, Chrysler Vice Chairman and President Jim Press claims these prototypes are in a “producible” state.


Following in lock step, Chrysler has screwed the pooch like every other American car company over the last 5 years by completely ignoring the market for fuel efficient vehicles.

While both GM and Ford have finally reacted to this plight by beginning drastic company-wide overhauls from the ground up, I’ve been left wondering: does Chrysler still know that they’re losing money?

After buying Chrysler off of an ecstatic Daimler-Benz last year, private equity firm Cerberus began a plan to turn the company’s fortunes around, including laying off 12,000 workers, closing factories and deleting some models from its line-up. As of yet, none of this has staunched the flow.

So when I hear news that Chrysler has a producible plug-in hybrid prototype that can go from 0-60 in less than 4 seconds, I’m left wondering: WTF mate? Who’s in charge and why are only dealers being allowed to see this thing? Makes me hesitant to believe a word of it… but still… I want to believe.

No word on the time frame until those of us who might actually buy the plug-in will be able to see it, but Chrysler said back in July that it will start producing plug-ins in 3-5 years. Holy crap. Granted, I’m not a businessman, but it seems like that time frame is engineered to put Chrysler out of its misery without a fight.

Wake up Chrysler. If you’ve got the goods, bring it to the market. There’s no room in this brave new world for beating around the bush.

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Image Credit: enviziondotnet’s Flickr photostream. Image reproduced and altered under a Creative Commons license. Note that the image above is of a Chrysler concept car that may have no relation to the plug-in hybrid prototype.

Source: LA Times (via Wired)

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