Is Tokyo to Start Recharging Electric Cars?

503561466_0efa64ef7b With the introduction of the electric car in today’s society, the energy efficient car is becoming a status symbol. Not just for the wealthy, as the cars become more widespread and thus less expensive, but for those set on making a change.

And it appears as if Tokyo Electric Power Company has seen this change, and will be setting up as many as 200 recharging stations throughout Tokyo in 2009.

Or at least, that is the report from the Nikkei business daily, reported on Friday. According to a TEPCO spokesman, the report is not true. "While it is not wrong that TEPCO has completed demonstration tests for devices that charge batteries, we do not at this time have plans to take the initiative in setting up charging locations within the city."

However it appears almost as if TEPCO will have to go through with this plan regardless. Nikkei apparently ended up speaking to car dealers selling Mitsubishi Motors and Subaru cars made by Fuji Heavy Industries, and they have all agreed to allow these recharging installations set up at their shops. Also, supermarket retailer Aeon also plans to play host to some of these recharge outlets.

The paper noted that TEPCO would also include car parks, banks and post offices in their charging network theoretically to be set up by March 2010, and expanded over the follow couple of years.

Maybe this is the way to foster change in big business. Go write articles for newspapers about big change in businesses, regardless of whether it is true or not, and hope that they pick up your idea. In that case…

Google to start buying electric cars for its employees.

Fingers crossed eh?

credit: david_megginson at Flickr under a Creative Commons license

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