Oil Prices Spur Postal Service to Replace 90% of Fleet With Alternative Fuel Vehicles

postal service

That’s 195,000 Vehicles.

The U.S. Postal service is looking to move away from petroleum based fuels as quickly as possible since, as Environmental Leader reports, a 1-cent increase in a gallon of fuel costs them an additional $8 million annually.

It looks like USPS will be getting a free fuel-cell test-vehicle from GM’s Project Driveway, which is providing select customers around the country with Equinox Fuel-Cell vehicles.

USPS already has 43,000 alternative fuel vehicles on the road, including hybrids and engines running on compressed natural gas, ethanol, and biodiesel. It isn’t immediately clear which option will work out best for USPS, but with potential fuel cost increases of $600 million this year, the incentive is there.

Photo Credit: adobemac via Flickr under Creative Commons License


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