Releases “Green My Ride” FaceBook App: I’m Ranked #8 Worldwide

Green My Ride, Facebook App, Huddler App

The Green My Ride Facebook App, the new green community of crowd-powered product reviews (and other good stuff), just released a new Facebook app that gives you yet another excuse to avoid what you really should be doing.

Green My Ride has a simple premise: start out as a gas guzzling, flower crushing monster vehicle, and by earning credits through various actions (below), you can earn more efficient cars (up to a solar-powered electric car) to display on your Facebook profile.

If you need some incentive to blow more time on Facebook (most of us don’t, and I’m not kidding about being number #8 in the world), Huddler is offering a weekly prize to the top scorer: one year’s worth of real renewable energy credits (RECs) from Village Green Energy.

You can earn credits by doing any of the following:

  • 1 credit for: Each product added to your profile (up to 8), and every friend invited to use Green My Ride.
  • 5 credits for: Each friend you invite that actually signs up.
  • 10 credits for: Each review you write on (check out the site for more)
  • 15 credits for: Creating an account on and linking it to this Facebook account.

Green My Ride, Facebook App, Huddler AppI’ve already upgraded to a green hybrid after accruing 89 credits.

So what’s the point?

Well, if you really need a reason, I think Huddler does a great job of aggregating green products into a simple interface, giving users the opportunity to explore, rank, and review green product options, and see what others have to say about them.

Just take a look at the number of electric vehicles listed under the transportation section, half of which (I’m embarrassed to say) I’ve never heard of before. Speaking of which, I’ve added most of the cool ones to my profile already…

Beyond winning a year of RECs, there’s also some simple satisfaction in making a symbolic gesture that, on some level, might be helping to reinforce the ecological consciousness of other Facebook users.

Or you can just use it as another bragging point with your friends.

My only question is, who’s going to knock me off Green My Ride’s Top 10 List?

Check out the Green My Ride Facebook App Here.

Check out Here.

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