Tesla Roadster Pictures From SF Green [Pics]

Tesla Roadster, electric car

In San Francisco last week I happened to bump into a Tesla Roadster outside SF Green. The pictures are below, but I also wanted to highlight something Daryl Siry, VP of sales marketing and service for Tesla Motors said during the event.

Daryl commented that yes, $100K is a lot to pay for an electric car (he also mentioned the new Whitestar sedan would be around $70k), but he reiterated how expensive the technology is for small companies.

To bring the price down (which is the eventual goal), he said that Tesla Moors would be open to partnering with larger automotive companies who have the manufacturing capacity to offer lower pricepoints to consumers. In other words, Tesla could offer their drivetrain up for implementation into larger scale production, and everybody would win as a result.

Any auto manufacturers hear that? I’d sure love to see an affordable electric car sometime soon.

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Tesla Roadster, electric car

Tesla Roadster, electric car

Photo Credits: Yours Truly, courtesy of Cristina at Huddler


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