Sorry Folks, VW Diesel Electric Hybrid Not Coming to US


Diesel Hybrid Electric Golf Doesn’t Make it out of the Showroom

It looks like VW won’t be sending a diesel hybrid to the US after all. VW announced the 70 MPG diesel-hybrid electric Golf at the Geneva Motor Show, but turned around in the March 27 edition of Auto, Motor und Sport to say they wouldn’t be building the car because it would be “too expensive.”

I’m not sure how this story slipped under the radar (except that the magazine is written in German), but the VW hybrid Golf’s demise is unfortunate. Pairing a clean diesel engine with hybrid system seems like the best of both worlds (especially for biodiesel users), but we might just have to rely on Mercedes and their diesel-hybrid SUV for now.

For more on what the car would have been, see A Biodiesel Prius? VW To Release 69.9 MPG Diesel Hybrid.

More on the cancellation of the car:

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