Green Motorcycles Combine Technology, Sex Appeal, and Transformers [SlideShow]

Yamaha Tesseract

Yamaha Tesseract: Green Bike or Decepticon?

The future of transportation is in no way restricted to cars, considering that most of the world’s population gets by on some sort of bike. If you want to see what the future of individual transport might look like, take a look at the Yamaha Tesseract (above), and a slideshow of 11 other green motorcycles put together by Wired.

Despite looking like it could walk away on its own or eat your dog, the Tesseract isn’t really a Transformer, but it and the other bikes are powered by innovative combinations of renewable power sources like electricity, methanol, and hydrogen-fuel cells. You might see some of them soon, too—the first hydrogen-powered motorcycle, the ENV Fuel Cell Bike, is slated for release next year.

These designs could usher in a new era of non-petroleum based individual transport. For details and pictures, see Wired’s slideshow of “Eco-Friendly and Badass” green motorcycles .


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