100+ EcoDriving Tips to get Better Mileage in Your Car

Fuel gauge

Source: greefus groinks

There’s been a lot of buzz on the internet and on TV about ecodriving, hypermiling, ecomodding, or  other techniques for saving fuel. EcoModder.com, a site dedicated to modifying cars and driving habits for fuel economy, recently released a list of 100+ hypermiling tips.

These tips are definitely worth a look for anyone interested in saving a few dollars at the pump, but before diving in, you should take a few cautions. This list seems pretty exhaustive, but that doesn’t mean you need to do every single thing. Practicing more techniques will save more gas, but they’re not all appropriate to every driver, car, or situation, so exercise this advice with care.

Does anyone do any of these things already? I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore EcoDriver, but I definitely practice quite a few.

Benjamin Jones

Benjamin Jones is a student of Dartmouth College and co-founder of EcoModder.com and writer at CollegeVegan.com. He is double majoring in Japanese and Linguistics, and is most interested in Sociolinguistics and Anthropology in Japan.