2008 Eco-Marathon Car Gets 7,148 MPG

eco car, fuel economy

Just to mix things up a bit, take a look at this car from the 2008 Eco-Marathon, registering at a whopping 7,148 MPG (via Autopia):

Looking like one of those space caskets from Star Trek, the single-seat racer you see to the left, constructed by a team from the French technical school St. Joseph La Joliverie and dubbed the Microjoule, traveled an amazing 7,148 miles on a single gallon of fuel (in other words, almost ten miles per teaspoon).

Shell’s Eco-Marathon race is self-described as “an educational project that integrates the sustainable development values with driving a vehicle using the least amount of energy. ” The car that travels the greatest distance and uses the least amount of fuel wins.

Of course, at some point the notion of fuel economy becomes arbitrary (and absurd). I probably used more gasoline walking to the library today (amount of food energy I had to eat to get here X the embodied energy of my food).

But more power to the engineers involved. I fully support their employment in the auto industry.

Here are two of the other competitors:

eco car, fuel economy

eco car, fuel economy

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Source: Autopia

Photo Credit: Shell


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