Provoq Concept Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle


Here´s a throwback to this year´s North American International Auto Show:

At this year´s Detroit auto show, GM’s Cadillac division displayed their Provoq Concept car, an electric vehicle powered by an onboard hydrogen fuel-cell . The electrical system, part of GM’s so-called E-Flex architecture, is supplemented by lithium ion batteries that supply added torque during acceleration. Six kg of compressed hydrogen will provide an estimated 300 miles of driving range.

GM’s Vice Chairman Bob Lutz spoke about the car and GM’s broader vision that “electrically driven vehicles like the Provoq represent the next great shift in the auto industry.” He also underscored GM’s commitment to develop environmentally friendly vehicles and reduce petroleum usage.

GM representatives have also repeatedly advised me of their preference for renewable energy sources for powering electrically-driven vehicles like the Provoq .

Highlighting this is a small solar-array mounted on the Provoq´s roof, which will power interior lighting and sound systems. The automobile´s front grill also closes at highway speed to improve aerodynamics.

While this kind of concept cars are fun, don´t expect to see them any time soon, at least not with any real renewable energy source.

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