Zero Emissions and Fun to Drive: Morgan's LifeCar

morgan-lifecar.jpgAnother one making its debut at the Geneva Auto Show, the Morgan LifeCar is a concept vehicle by the venerable British car maker that “will demonstrate that a new step in vehicle architecture is enabled by the use of a fuel cell hybrid power train.” Morgan not only wants to take a step away from the notion that a “green car” must sacrifice style and power, but also towards “[lowering] the entry barriers for a vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell.” Not exactly sure how a hybrid of any kind means “zero emissions,” or how much hydrogen refueling is required (one of the main entry barriers for fuel cell technology), but will keep an eye on developments for answers (or hope to get them from you!).

Collaborators on the LifeCar concept include Oscar Automotive, Cranfield University, QinetiQ, Oxford University, and Linde AG.

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