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On April 6th, 2009, Portland Mayor Sam Adams threw down the gauntlet, announcing that his city would be the first to develop the charging infrastructure to support full-scale electric vehicle deployment.

At that time, San Francisco had already unveiled several EV charging stations in front of city hall—a glimpse of a potentially massive Bay Area EV charging infrastructure.

City, state, and national governments are rapidly working toward an electric vehicle grid that can support a complete transformation of how we live, work, and drive. Never before has there been such public buzz around a new transportation option, and never before has there been such a real opportunity to implement it.

Already, several companies are working to commercialize the first charging stations or develop “total solutions” to our dependence on petroleum. Not in twenty or thirty years, but in the next five. Each day, more announcements are made highlighting local commitments to this infrastructure.

How do we effectively implement electric vehicle recharging stations? Do we need battery swapping stations? How do we standardize plugs? Who pays for it?

There are many unanswered questions, and that’s why we’re hosting this competition. We’re seeking input from Government, Industry, and the Public, to drive the debate forward as quickly as possible. While we can generally agree that time can’t be wasted, the right way to move forward is hotly contested.

We are providing an open platform for this debate. If you want to get involved, email clayton [at] virgance [dot] com.

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