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California Carves Out PHEV Exception For Smaller Automakers

By 2018, any automaker that wants to sell cars in California needs to build either electric or hydrogen vehicles, or spend a lot of money buying Zero-Emissions Vehicles (ZEV) credits from companies like Tesla. At least, that’s how it was supposed to be. Automotive News reports that after hearing pleas from five smaller automakers, including […]

More Mias on the Road in Europe

Size doesn’t matter – at least, not when it comes to beauty and charm. The mia, a microvan produced in France, is the embodiment of practical and cute wrapped up in a tiny package. How Much Car Is Enough? The mia rolls off the line in Cerizay on 14” electric wheels, to the tune of […]

February 5th

California Forges Ahead With Aggressive Clean Car Standards For 2015-2025

The California Air Resource Board, or CARB, has a checkered history within the Golden State, passing some very progressive policies that ultimately proved either too ambitious or poorly enacted. We have CARB to thank for GM’s EV1, as well as the subsequent failure of first-generation electric vehicles. Last week CARB voted to enact increasingly tough […]

January 30th

O2's Air-powered Bike is Oh-Too-Cool

After a few months of regularly commuting on two wheels, I have come to a conclusion: two wheeled rides are awesome. That said, two-wheeled vehicles of all kinds are not without their drawbacks. Pedal-powered bikes, for example, are great exercise and good for the environment – but no one wants to get sweaty and gross on […]

November 5th

Air-powered Scooter is Less Barbie Vespa, More Iron Man Moped

Like many green-tech enthusiasts, I’m simultaneously a fan of cutting-edge green tech, scooters, and the sort of pie-in-the-sky “vaporware” projects that push the boundaries of what we think of as possible.  As such, the compressed-air propelled scooter concept (above) is flipping all of my switches. It’s called the Hornet, and it combines a compressed-air engine, […]

August 20th

Scion iQ EV Confirmed for US Launch in 2012

My enthusiasm for Toyota’s little iQ has been well documented here on Gas 2.0, and its arrival on US shores in 2012 has been hotly anticipated.  Now, however, it looks like I’ll have a tough choice to make:  gas-powered, or electric! The electric iQ’s impending arrival on US shores was announced at Toyota’s US dealer […]

July 3rd

Mitsubishi i EV is the Budget King of Electrics: Under 30K

With a sticker price of just $29,990 (before a $7500 federal tax rebate) Mitsubishi will sell you a brand-new, Mitsubishi i SE, complete with 66 hp highway-legal electric motor, premium sound system, a gussied-up interior (below), and more – which means Mitsu’s i comes in at several thousand dollars less than even the base Nissan […]

April 25th

Loser Deal: Electric 500C Will Cost Fiat $10K Per Sale

Despite carrying a pricetag in excess of $40,000, Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne insists that Fiat will lose as much as $10,000 for each of the upcoming (2013) electric 500Cs it sells, adding that “the economics of EVs simply don’t work. On the 500 that (Chrysler) will begin selling in the U.S. next year, we will […]

April 2nd

Saab's 9-3 ePower EV Motors Ahead

Saab’s new owners announced the all-electric 9-3 ePower late last year, and has just revealed the system that will provide motive power:  a 180 hp “PowerPhase” system from UQM Technologies capable of pushing the car to 60 mph in a pretty zippy 8.5 seconds (about the same as a 1980’s 5.0 Mustang convertible w/ an […]

February 5th

New Holland Rolls Out Fuel-Cell Tractor

New Holland’s revolutionary ZEV NH2 tractor will be making its North American debut at next week’s Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa… but it’s much more than a static concept: it’s a fully-functional prototype of (what New Holland hopes will be) the farm tractor of tomorrow. More – including  pictures and videos – after the […]

August 27th