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Zero Motorcycles Launches 2018 Lineup — Quicker, Longer, Harder!

Today Zero Motorcycles released their 2018 models. While they don’t look much different from the 2017’s on the outside (except the gorgeous new silver paint!), it’s what’s inside that counts. Like- 10% longer range thanks to new battery chemistry on all ZF7.2 and ZF14.4 models! Zero is also offering quick charging-6 times faster, thanks to […]

October 17th

Electric Motorcycle Costs & Performance vs Gas Motorcycle Costs & Performance

Originally published on CleanTechnica. By Mike Barnard What is the fastest production motorcycle in the world? What bike beat every other motorcycle and most cars up Pike’s Peak in 2013? What motorcycle had massive brake and shock upgrades while getting almost $2,000 cheaper in the past two years? What motorcycle is cheapest to own and […]

August 7th

Zero Motorcycles Press Intro | International Motorcycle Show

Zero had a massive showing again this year, with a central spot on the show floor at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA. As press entered the show we were greeted by a pair of ladies handing us Zero brochures and reminding us not to miss their presentation. Judging by how late most of the paper magazines were to report on these bikes, some even reporting on 2013 models when they’re all sold out, you’d have think they missed it last year.

December 10th

Gas2 Helps Electric Cowboy Set New Electric Motorcycle World Record

The goal of setting a world record is a secret fantasy many gearheadds harbor in the far reaches of their minds. But few ever step forward to claim those records, to stand, however briefly, with the racing elite.

Brandon Nozaki Miller, who calls himself the “Electric Cowboy,”, set a new world record for electric motorcycles under 150 kg. And we kinda sorta helped.

September 24th

Zero S Electric Motorcycle Test Drive

The US electric motorcycle market is a niche within a niche. Motorcyclists still represent a tiny fraction of the traffic mix in the country where the automobile is king. While most motorcycles get better mileage and have lower emmissions than most cars, they still run on gas. There are very few electric motorcycles on the market, […]

July 6th

Zero S Motorcycle Provides Electric Ride

Editor’s Note: This is Chris DeMorro’s first contribution to Gas 2.0. Welcome Chris! [social_buttons] Very soon, you will probably see a Zero S electric bike riding around town, scooting down main streets and ducking through off-road shortcuts. This bare-bones, lightweight, and street legal electric bike goes on sale next month in America and Europe. So if […]

April 28th